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How digital signage can help with your internal branding

Internal Branding is a corporate strategy measure to enable and motivate employees to not only keep the brand promise but to "live" it. (Brand Trust)

Many organisations often underestimate the significance of internal branding. It is often considered much less important than external branding and the perception of the public, because after all, the end-user is the one who is going to buy into the brand and into your product and not so much your employees. 

This is a misguided approach. As the definition from Brand Trust outlines, internal branding is intended to encourage employees to buy into the brand promise. By “living” the brand promise the authenticity of the message naturally becomes a part of every external communication and every internal action. 

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This makes your brand far more powerful. By living the brand message and telling your employees exactly why they should believe in what they are doing on a daily basis and what they are striving for, you are essentially motivating them to believe in the brand and the product. And, after all, if you can’t convince your own employees of your brand’s authenticity, then what chance do you have of convincing the general public? 

Organisations that prioritise staff satisfaction and positive internal communications see greater rates of productivity and better results. As you can see from our blog 5 Great Companies to Work for and Why, organisational culture is at the heart of everything that they do, and really great internal branding has a lot to do with this. 

So what’s digital signage got to do with all of this?

Well, while digital signage is of course great for capturing the attention of the general public and ultimately in increasing conversion to sale, the same principle can be said for the use of digital signage in internal branding.

In order for customers to buy into your brand they first have to trust it. You have to tell them what’s great about your product and why they should buy into it. The same can be said for internal branding. In order to get your employees to buy into the brand and live the core values of your organisation you need to convince them every day with consistent and authentic messaging, backed up by consistent and authentic actions. 

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The advantages of digital signage

Be front of mind

By implementing digital signage in your workspace and making it a core part of how your organisation runs, you can consistently reinforce the power of your brand and its core message over and over again throughout the working day. Your brand’s core values aren’t attached to some tired employee handbook at the bottom of a drawer, or lost amidst a sea of work emails in your inbox, but right front and centre whenever you need to walk over to the water fountain or use the photocopier. 

As wezank points out, after three days, a user typically retains only 10-20% of written or spoken information but almost 65% of visual information

Be understood

It’s surprising just how many employees have no idea what the core values of their company are. For the organisations we mention in our blog 5 Great Companies to Work for and Why, it is very unlikely that any one of the employees in these organisations would struggle to describe the core values of these companies. So ingrained are they into the psyche of the employees, that they become part of daily life in work. 

This is the result of fantastic internal branding in action. 

Be motivational

The point of great internal branding is that it both clearly communicates what your core values are, and, at the same time, motivates your employees to “live” it in their day to day work. 

To find out more about how digital signage can help motivate, check out are guide “Driving change with Digital Signage”.

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How to use digital signage for internal branding

Simply having digital screens that display your brand isn’t enough. Here’s our top tips on how to use digital signage to your advantage.

Be You

If your brand is fun and lighthearted then you can have a little fun with the design and messaging on your digital displays. Similarly if your brand has an important message to get across or is doing something significant to help in the world then you can use your screens to tell your workers what an incredible job they are doing and keep them motivated to keep fighting the good fight. 

Be Multiple You’s 

While it’s important to be consistent in your messaging that doesn’t mean each of your screens need to say exactly the same thing. Reinforcing your brand internally doesn’t mean boring your employees to tears with the same message on loop. Surprise your employees with different kinds of messages. Tailor it to your audience or the day in question. Keep your employees thinking and guessing about the kinds of messages they expect to see and you’ll keep them engaged with your brand. 

digital signage for internal branding

Be your best you

While the above two points are very true, your design and messaging should still be slick and professional. Internal communications can sometimes be considered not as important as external branding. The time and effort that goes into creating beautiful design for the eyes of potential customers, can sometimes be considered not quite such a high priority when it comes to internal presentation. 

This goes back to the idea that internal branding somehow might not be so important in the grand scheme of things. This is however absolutely not the case. Ensure that the same pride and attention to detail goes into all of your internal branding and you’ll win over your employees.

For more information on how to increase internal branding you can check out our blog, “How to Increase Employee Brand Awareness”.

At Ad Screens we’re specialists in digital signage and digital displays. We know the difference it can make to your work space and how best to take advantage of the endless possibilities available with these displays. If you’d like to find out more about how digital signage can help with your internal branding don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or by calling (22) 231-85-97

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