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Enhance the experience of visitors to your movie theatres with sharp, vibrant and attractive looking digital screens.

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Provide movie theatre signage in every area of your movie theatre

Providing digital movie theatre signage above the main ticket sales counters is especially effective, as this is the key decision time for your visitors. Many of your visitors will already be thinking about what food and drink they want to have to go along with their movie, and for those that are not, an attractive image or video can both fill their eyes during the wait time and entice them.

Digital signage is easily updatable from a single source and is an effective way to display key messages to your visitors, such as digital movie trailers or other theatre advertisements like loyalty card promotions. Screens can be placed in numerous areas around your movie theatre, from the entrance, to beside self-service counters and visitor washrooms. Each of these areas offer a key moment where you can both provide useful information to your visitors and present them with key sales messages.

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Display Movie Times & Other Useful Information

Digital signage placed in prominent areas around your movie theatre can both make life easier for your visitors and take the strain off staff in responding to potentially unnecessary queries. 

By displaying all movie times in a clear and concise way, you can quickly and easily inform customers thereby not only improving the overall experience of your visitors, but also increasing the likelihood of a ticket purchase.

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Enhance visitor experience with sharp & relevant videos and imagery

Digital Signage is a great way to display beautiful and rich imagery and videos. The time leading up to viewing a movie is all part of the experience for your visitors, so the videos you display during this period of time and the information you decide to share are extremely important to the overall experience of your customers.

As digital signage can be easily updated, it offers exciting opportunities to better communicate with your visitors - in a way that goes further than traditional movie theatre poster displays. Digital signage can be updated to display the information that is most relevant to what you have on offer and what is of most interest to your desired audience.

For example, for daytime visitors during holiday periods, you can update your screens to display family friendly movies, or particular family sales incentives. Why not connect your digital signage to your social media hashtag and encourage your visitors to engage and interact with your movie theatre in the moment of their visit? The options are endless.

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Enhance the overall experience for visitors

Visitors go to movie theatres for more than just the movie. They expect an overall experience that is more than what can be achieved by watching a movie at home. Providing rich, vivid and interactive images and videos is all-important to ensuring your visitors have the best possible experience at your movie theatre. 

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Keep your visitors informed

Ensuring that your visitors are kept up to date with all the information they require will improve their overall satisfaction. Well-placed digital screens provide a solution by displaying key, up to date information which simultaneously reduces the strain on staff.  

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Advertising in movie theatres

Digital signage is a great way to display particular deals you might have on at any given time. As digital screens are easily updatable, you can quickly and easily update your movie theatre digital signage to display your latest and best deals. 

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Take advantage of visitor waiting times

There are many opportunities for digital Signage to assist in boosting sales. Place screens in front of visitors that may be looking to fill time while they wait for the movie to start by having a coffee, or those that are visiting the washroom or even waiting in line to buy their tickets. These waiting times are all key opportunities to provide the right message at the right time to encourage visitors to spend more with you both during their current visit, and in the future. 

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Digital signage offers numerous exciting opportunities to both improve visitor experience with sharp, interactive and engaging images and videos, as well as by providing useful and up to date information.

  • Digital Signage for movie theatres provides the opportunity to inform, entertain and engage visitors with your movie theatre

  • Helps to upsell visitor experience with relevant sales messages

  • Increases the likelihood that they will return to your movie theatre in future

  • Reduces the strain on movie theatre staff to respond to queries that might otherwise be displayed on digital signage

Ad Screens helps movie theatres like yours every day to provide a better experience for their visitors.

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