Digital Signage System

An original Digital Signage system designed to display content on professional advertising screens. System startup does not require installation of additional software, and screen management is possible
from any device with Internet access.

the number of screens and their locations can be unlimited
the system provides full control over the displayed content
it is used for promotional, sales and information purposes
it can be used in virtually any industry

Digital Signage Solutions have brought a revolution in marketing communications. In times of ubiquitous digitization, consumers expect creativity
and innovative ideas from business owners, hotels and restaurants.

DS technology proves that the use of digital media for content presentation makes information attractive, interactive and easier to remember.

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cloud server

It is a solution that ensures the highest standard of security and protection of stored resources. The effects of data loss have a destructive effect on the activity of any company, and the reasons for their loss may be many: mechanical damage, viruses, theft or human error.

Therefore, the biggest advantage of the cloud is high resistance and a guarantee that the data is safe regardless of the incidents. It is also important that access to the cloud is possible from any place, via any web browser.


Monitoring the status of devices

In order to exercise permanent control over
the work of registered devices, we monitor them
24 hours a day.

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Content Management System

We manage content prepared by the client. It can have any form: text, graphics, multimedia files - audio or video.

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Users have constant access to view statistics. They receive information about what content and in what amounts have been displayed on the screens.

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shopping malls, retail stores, supermarkets, drugstores


hotels, conference and business centers, training centers

Public sector

offices, medical facilities, museums, event venues


offices, corporate buildings, law offices


restaurants, bars, cafes, fast-food premises


means of public transport, stations, airports


reduction of time and costs of marketing communication
compared to paper-based materials

the ability to present any content on multiple screens simultaneously - each screen can display a different message

the multimedia message evokes positive reactions at the recipient and is better remembered than static advertising

information closer to the customer - multimedia screens can be placed
in an attractive place accessible to the recipient


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