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Engage Customers with Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

With the food & drink industry becoming increasingly competitive, restaurateurs need to find a way to cut through the noise and capture the attention of customers. Dynamic Digital Menu Boards enable you to do just that. Through their functionality to feature captivating videos and vivid images alongside menu items, offerings can be made much more appealing to the consumer.

At ADScreens, we prioritise ease of use when designing our digital signage solutions for restaurants - so they are quick an easy to update at no added cost. This is particularly important for restaurants, where menu changes are something that can happen frequently, such as prices, allergy information, removal or addition of food items. Knowing that important information such as, allergy information and menu changes can be altered instantly takes away the worry of promoting out-of-date information to your customers.

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Enhance Customer Comfort with Freestanding Totem Menus

No matter whether you own a restaurant, fast food, high-end or casual establishment, you have the potential to transform your customer’s experience and enhance their comfort by providing a digital dining experience. ADScreen’s Totem Menus enable your customers to select and book their tables or even order their food.

Not only does this increase convenience for diners, but it also improves the ordering process, reduces waiting times and minimises queues. By providing a more relaxed experience, customers will be inclined to spend more. The increased dwelling time provides restaurants with the opportunity to make recommendations and up-sell with automated content.

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Entice Customers with Cash Tablets & Encourage Interaction

At ADScreens we provide restaurants with the opportunity to utilise Cash Tablets and encourage diners to place self-orders, review food descriptions and nutritional information. Cash Tablets, as digital signage tools, create a unique user experience that encourages interaction, whilst being entertaining and effective.

Restaurants can use Cash Tablets to engage with their customers via promotions and Social Media. They can improve productivity by enabling customers to order on the digital signage solution, reducing the potential for human errors, whilst minimising wait time and simplifying the transaction process. Not only that, but our ADScreen software allows you to conduct surveys and questionnaires in order to collect customer feedback and improve your service offering.

Improve Customer experience & Encourage loyalty

Digital Signage is an incre asingly popular method of encouraging customer loyalty. Digital Menus and Screens at the point of purchase for QSR is revolutionizing the industry and it is easy to see why.

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With Digital Signage increasing restaurant sales by over 30%, it is an effective way to market and sell products.

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Menu Management

Digital Signage allows for the change of the information displayed on your menu in a simple, yet cost-effective way.

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Brand Perception

Digital signage improves brand perception by reducing wait time and simplifying the order process. Information can be presented in visually captivating ways to keep customers engaged.

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Nutritional Information

Digital signage enables restaurants to display all relevant information on nutrition and ingredients in order to comply with food laws.

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Reduce Expenditure

Eliminate the costs of updating static menu boards and opt for digital signage. Once up and running, the only additional cost is maintenance.

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With ADScreen’s Digital Screen Solutions for Restaurants, you have the ability to drastically increase sales, whilst improving the customer experience with dynamic and engaging messaging.

  • Drive sales and increase the average order value at the point of sale

  • ADScreen’s software enables you to increase the average order value with up-and cross-sell tools

  • Embrace the ability to remotely control and swiftly update your restaurants messaging, menus and specific promotions

  • Automatically manage offerings by location on an unlimited number of devices across screens in each of your restaurants

  • Simply and instantly customize your restaurant’s templates with ADScreen’s content creation tools

  • Reduce staff costs by installing interactive Freestanding Totem Menus

  • Automate the ordering process and reduce customer waiting times

  • Make use of ADScreen’s team of experts and powerful software to help you integrate the Digital Signage Solution with your other systems and suit your individual requirements

  • Improve your product and service offering my utilizing Cash Tablets to collect consumer feedback

ADScreen’s helps restaurants like yours every day to transform their business

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