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Digital Signage for  hospitality

Enrich your guests’ hospitality experience whilst enhancing your venue’s sophistication with Ad Screen’s digital signage solutions.

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Hotel Lobby Digital Signage

Transform your lobby by replacing static posters and notices with an led signage board in order to add value and inject visual appeal to your establishment’s decor. Keep your guests informed and engaged at all times by displaying current content, live news or entertainment whilst they spend time in your lobby area.

Ad Screen’s hotel signage allows for content to be updated swiftly and simply.  The displays can be edited in real-time, at the click of a button. No matter whether you’d like to share a personalised welcome message for guests you are expecting to greet, or if you’d like to promote specific facilities, Ad Screen’s digital signage for hospitality & technology has the functionality to create an outstanding first impression with designs that are professional and in line with your corporate image.

If you are looking for an effective way to maximise your advertising potential and introduce cutting-edge technology, Hospitality Digital Signage is the solution for you.

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Hotel Wayfinding

At Ad Screens, we enable our clients in the hospitality sector to provide interactive Digital Hotel wayfinding Displays and digital directories. This high-tech software ensures guests and visitors can navigate the hotel at ease. Hotel digital signage helps everyone get where they need to be faster, whilst enhancing the efficiency of reception desk staff.

No matter whether you opt for a Digital Wayfinding Solution that is interactive or static, the layout will be extremely effective in displaying location information in an engaging and informative way.

Hospitality wayfinding solutions enables the user to customize routes and directions depending on their requirements. Ad Screen’s software allows for facilities and amenities to be promoted on the floor-plan to guide visitors further and improve their overall experience.

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Digital Hotel Menu Boards

If you are looking for an innovative way to engage and encourage guests to dine in your restaurant, Digital hospitality signage is an effective solution. The Digital Displays can be used to promote specific menu items with enticing visuals that promise to leave a lasting impression.

At Ad Screens, we ensure that our clients in the hospitality industry are leading the way with our unparalleled digital signage hotel solutions. We promise to not only provide you with a solution that boosts sales in a captivating and dynamic way, but enhances your guests’ experiences by allowing for quick purchase decision and reduced wait times.

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Enrich your Guests’ Experience and Boost Sales in an Efficient, Cost-effective Way

The hospitality sector has an abundance of opportunity for hotel digital signage. By using high-quality, visually appealing digital content, digital signage has the potential to captivate your audience, whilst helping to deliver important messages and hugely impact sales. No matter whether you are looking for a solution for hotels, pubs, hostels, casinos, nightclubs, or holiday resorts, the benefits are plentiful.

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Enhance Your Brand Image

Use LED signage boards and digital displays to reinforce branding and impress guests with a visually appealing reception area, whilst providing entertaining and insightful information.

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Manage Multiple Screens Via One Network

Embrace the ability to roll out consistent campaigns across your entire chain by installing a hotel digital display and manage the content from Ad Screen’s cloud based software system. 

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Full Support & Reliability

Rely on Ad Screen’s highly experienced and skilled team to support you throughout the project, from concept, all the way through to installation and after-care. 

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Embrace the Future

At Ad Screen’s we know that the future of digital is interactive. We understand how effective Digital Signage can be at enhancing the brand perception of your establishment. 

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Expertly Combine Advertisements with Useful Information

Seamlessly pair advertising content with genuinely useful information to create hotel led signs that your visitors are intrigued by whilst improving advert engagement.

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Wayfinding & Guest Navigation

Utilise digital signage for hospitality and display information on any events, meetings or conferences taking place, such as wayfinding, welcome messages and sponsor information.

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Digital transformation is revolutionizing the hospitality industry. More and more establishments are seeking a way to engage with an audience that is becoming increasingly digitally native. With Ad Screen’s technology and digital hotel signage, hoteliers have the opportunity to provide an enhanced experience for the guest via content-rich signage.

  • Inform guests about services and facilities, such as check-in times and spa opening hours in an efficient way.

  • Enable guests to navigate your venue easily via advanced hotel wayfinding software. 

  • Showcase local events and attractions that could be of interest to guests. 

  • Feature personalized welcome messages to those who are holding special events and conferences. 

  • Efficiently update guests in the event of an emergency, weather warning or other critical events. 

  • Capitalize on the additional advertising potential and generate a new profit stream.

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