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Digital Signage for healthcare

Improve the experience of patients and their family and friends by providing useful information and advertisements on digital signage for doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other healthcare services.

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Keep Patients Entertained & Informed with Waiting Room Health Care Signs

Time can move very slowly for patients, family and friends waiting in reception areas. It can often be a very stressful time for those waiting to receive important news about their loved ones.

By installing Ad Screen’s Digital patient waiting room signage as an alternative to hospital bulletin boards or posters you will be providing a live, more interactive and engaging means of communication with staff, patients and visitors. Digital signage is also a powerful way to alleviate anxiety and boredom by providing tailored daily messages.

Aside from displaying and updating expected waiting times for specific areas of the building, or even the particular procedure a patient has come in for, Digital Waiting Room Signs can also perform a number of other very important tasks. Hospital wayfinding signs can be utilised to provide directions to hospital services and amenities, highlighting patient achievements and donor information as well as showing entertainment like news, sports and weather. 

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Improve Employee Communication with Staff Room Health Care Signs

Help drive important internal communication by displaying updatable messages and training initiatives on well-placed digital signs outside of staff only areas such as doctor’s offices, or hospital staff rooms.

There is no longer a need to share important information, such as new training implementations in a handbook or via email, digital signage for hospitals and other medical facilities offers an ideal way to display information and remind staff throughout the day of the key initiatives they are working to. At Ad Screens, our digital signs can be updated simply and instantly which both cuts the cost of printing and works more naturally with the day-to-day life of busy staff.

Rather than needing to take time to read the training initiatives, or any other important communications, digital signs or electronic medical communications will allow your employees to digest up-to-date information quickly and efficiently before getting on with their duties. 

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Enhance your Hospital Canteen with a Health Care Canteen Digital Menu

Easily created and programmed from your office computer, keep staff and visitors informed on menu choices or entertained with other relevant content. Healthcare Canteen Digital Menus can display live programming or scrolling messages and are a great way to quickly update menu choices, or to show really up to date information.

Digital signage in areas such as your canteen can also provide a cost-effective way to improve the perceived environment during a patients stay. Rather than relying on printed bulletin boards, menus or posters for signage, you can keep staff and visitors updated with colourful and attractive digital signs that match the décor of the canteen, or the building in general.

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Save on Costs and Resources and Meet Budget Objectives

Switching to a digital communication solution will reduce the time and cost of other forms of communication such as printed handbooks. It will also help to improve efficiency, quality of care and patient experience.

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Help to improve the standard of safety on site

Digital signage can also act as an emergency alert system. If you have critical messages that need to be displayed or communicated quickly, digital signs are an ideal solution for this.

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Wayfinding signage in hospitals

Wayfinding is extremely important in particular for large hospital buildings. Help visitors navigate their way around the building with appropriately placed digital signage.

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Keep a track of communications and reduce errors

Having access to all communications being disseminated across the building is a powerful tool in keeping a track of your communications strategy, and in eliminating any errors.

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Healthcare organisations of all shapes and sizes require numerous means of communication, running concurrently and accurately. With digital signage, you can reach the right audience at the right time.

  • Digital signage for hospitals can be easily integrated with third-party applications &software which helps ensure you are always providing the most up to date information.

  • Help the time pass more quickly with entertaining or informative videos, live news feeds and social media

  • Incorporate new signage technology to improve service efficiency and to empower customers

  • Take advantage of advertising opportunities to generate new revenue by promoting additional services.

  • Improve canteen experience by providing information like updated menu boards, nutritional guidelines, tips and information.

Ad Screen’s helps health care practices like yours every day to communicate better with their staff and patients.

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