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Digital Signage for  education

Are you looking for a Digital Signage solution? Ad Screens provide digital signage that promise to streamline and speed up communications with staff and students.

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Digital Signs for Schools that Engage and Inform

At Ad Screens, we have digital signage solutions that provide our clients in the education sector with the opportunity to introduce an agile digital communication strategy that captures the attention of their students in an innovative way.  Are you ready to captivate passers-by swiftly and effectively?

By opting to use digital bulletin boards for schools, or digital signage for universities you will be introducing cutting-edge technology in the form of wayfinding kiosks, digital notice boards and touch screens. This digital technology is perfect for sharing important information with students, teachers and visitors, whether in communal areas or classrooms. Ad Screen’s education signs enables the display of a broad variety of media, including, live feeds, latest news, imagery, video and audio. 

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Connect With The Younger Generation

For Schools, Colleges and Universities, it is extremely important for them to engage students, faculty and staff on their campuses and establish a connected, welcoming and safe community. With the younger generation becoming increasingly reliant on technology, digital education signage can have a huge impact on student engagement. Digital Signage for education is a great tool for informing and educating students, as well as ensuring their safety via emergency alerts.

Electronic message boards for schools have a captivating and intrusive nature, making it simple to share important announcements and override normal content with emergency messages. The displays can also be used to showcase event listings and promote healthy options on cafe display signs. Schools, colleges and universities also have the opportunity to introduce digital technology into the classroom with interactive touch screens. 

Why not keep students engaged with interactive displays with high resolutions? They are suitable for a range of applications.

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Effective Campus-wide Communications

Ad Screen’s digital signage software for schools is simple to use, highly flexible and reliable. It allows administrators the opportunity to empower students, staff and visitors to easily contribute and navigate the campus’s network. Via our school wayfinding solutions, we are able to provide interactive or static maps that create an engaging and informative experience for the user. Not only that, our technology enables rooms to be digitally booked by displaying availability and use online calendars that can be integrated with a number of programmes. 

Our instant update functionality ensures school administrators can share time-sensitive information, such as emergency messages, scheduling changes or live news. The digital boards for schools can be featured throughout the campus, including in gyms, cafeterias, and classrooms, keeping everyone fully connected and engaged at all times

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Changing The Way Educational Facilities Communicate

Digital education signage is swiftly changing the way in which educational facilities communicate. At Ad Screens, we are enabling schools, colleges and universities to engage both their students and staff with current news, instant messages and alerts.

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Event Information

Digital bulletin boards for schools make it simple to spread awareness of an upcoming event taking place at the school.

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Schedule Changes

Through digital signage, you have the ability to instantly inform students of changes to class schedules and cancellations.

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Online Votes

Do you run council elections or competitions? You can run the voting system via digital display boards for schools and share the results. 

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Global News

Instantly share breaking news headlines from websites using an RSS system. 

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Welcome Notices

Why not make special guests (alumni & corporate visitors for example) feel welcome by displaying customized welcome messages on your education signage. 

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Campus News & Updates

Easily share news and update students with information on activities, classes, competitions and much more taking place on campus.

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At Ad Screens, our digital education signs are providing schools and other educational institutions with highly effective solutions that are actively improving communication amongst students, staff and visitors. We ensure that all messages are delivered in real time, engage the audience and provide dynamic information. 

  • Display emergency announcements with ease

  • Quickly inform staff and students in order to create a sense of community

  • Display students’ work and encourage feelings of pride and achievement

  • Showcase live social media feeds and communication

  • Benefit from a low-cost solution that provides an impressive return on investment

  • Become more environmentally friendly and embrace a digital solution that avoids printed signs.

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