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Drive more sales with real time sales figures

Digital signs for businesses is a great way to provide real time business analysis to your sales and marketing teams. Understanding how teams are performing against KPIs is a key driver for all businesses, but having visibility and a clear understanding of performance is not always so simple. Especially, when it comes to drilling down deeper than just the top line figures. 

Presenting real-time sales and marketing performance on company signage enables everyone in the business to quickly and easily understand not only overall performance, but also how day to day business affects the broader top line figures. It also helps to empower sales and marketing staff to make actionable decisions for the benefit of the business.

Rather than relying on reports sent by email to all staff, long and drawn out pdf reports, or multiple sheets within an excel document, having key sales and marketing figures displayed visually and in real-time enables all staff to digest the information in brief moments, as and when they are ready to view it, and then to take positive action.

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Digital Signage for Corporate Communications 

Whether it’s a sponsored charity event, an important new training initiative, or simply a means of reminding employees of your key business objectives, providing electronic message board for office is a great way to keep employees updated in relation to all of the important news happening within the business. 

While emails remain an important means of internal communication, they do have their limitations. Internal emails require staff to break away from their busy working day. Digital office displays provides a powerful alternative, or supplementary means of communicating those all important internal communications. 

As digital workplace signage is live, easily updatable and can be played continually throughout the day, it can fill the empty space moments where staff may be either walking from one side of the building to another, or simply taking a brief moment to let their minds move away from the task they might be working on.

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Digital Signage for Office Meeting Rooms 

Signage in workplace can be easily connected to multiple different software solutions, like your google calendar. The advantage of connecting your digital signage to your google calendar or other software is that you can provide digital signboards that can share up to date information such as whether or not a meeting room has been booked or if it is currently in use.  

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Keep Employees in the Loop with Live Sales & Marketing Dashboards

Whatever your key performance indicators or KPIs are, providing real-time reports via dashboards can help the whole organization to get to grips with what is happening within the business on a minute by minute and hour by hour basis. 

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Empower Sales & Marketing Staff 

Providing real-time data not only helps to improve visibility of team and individual performance against KPIs, but also empowers employees to take action and  find a means of improving the results.

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Keep Staff Informed, Entertained and Help to Boost Morale

Digital signage is a great way to share good news stories such as displaying employees of the month, or sharing news on high performing departments. As it is easily updatable it is also a highly effective means of communicating key messages quickly, efficiently, and repeatedly throughout the working day. 

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Increase efficiency by providing useful information

Whether it is displaying what the special is at the canteen on that particular day, providing a means of knowing whether or not a room is free to be used for meetings, or corporate wayfinding - giving directions to staff and visitors - digital signage is an effective means of communicating key information when it is needed most. 

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Digital signage such as corporate lobby signs make it easy to display useful and up to date information to employees and visitors. Digital screens offer a dynamic, interactive and engaging way to present key corporate information in an informative, digestible and useful way. 

  • Corporate digital signage software empowers staff and increases productivity with real-time KPIs

  • Improves internal communication by providing continually updated and informative messages 

  • Entertains employees with relevant and interesting or humorous internal news stories

  • Provides practical guidance to visitors and staff: such as corporate wayfinding around sprawling corporate buildings.

  • Is compatible with numerous platforms and devices, providing numerous solutions - such as for meeting room updates

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