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Win over your audience at your next event with digital signage

No matter what your product or purpose, there are three key objectives that anyone holding or organizing an event have in common:

  1. Grab your attendees attention

  2. Engage them with your message

  3. Get them to buy in

There are a number of different tactics you can apply to achieve these objectives. You can make your attendees feel welcomed by providing complimentary drinks upon entry, increase visual awareness of your brand with pull up banners, and keep your attendees engaged with competitions and other similar activities, among many other possibilities. 

One fantastic way to help your event achieve these three key objectives is to incorporate digital signage for businesses in your event presentation, whether that is through touch screen signage or electronic signage software.  In fact, it has been found that digital screens can help increase event attendance by 20%, increase productivity 27%, and decrease costs 20-30%.  Here’s 3 ways digital signage can help you to win over your attendees at your next event. 

1. Grab your attendees attention

At any event it is vital that your brand or message gets noticed. This is particularly the case if you have paid for an exhibition space where you are not the only exhibitor, or you are not the sole reason for your audience’s attendance. You may for example be sponsoring the event and hoping to make an impact with the attendees.

Whatever it is, gaining the attention of your target audience is critical, and ensuring that your brand resonates with, and is remembered by them, is of paramount importance. Visual reminders of your brand and what it stands for are essential if you want to ensure that the attendees engage with and remember you.

Digital screen displays

  • Provide a visual and dynamic reminder of your brand

  • Capture attention with moving images, pictures & text

  • Present key brand focused content in a vivid and effective way

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2. Engage them with your message

For any event being fully prepped, briefed and organized when it comes to chatting with attendees and presenting to them is of course vital. Charisma, charm and a winning message are all key ingredients to success. It doesn’t stop here however. Your brand and event assets and reading materials are key supplementary elements to help you win over your attendees. 

It is not always possible to speak to every single one of the attendees at your event. And for the attendees that you do speak to attributing messaging can only emphasize and amplify the message that you have to give. 

Interactive digital signs can help you communicate your message by:

  • Storytelling via video clips or animation

  • Various sound options: i.e sound bites & music

  • Tailored messaging

  • Asking probing questions

  • Driving actions and conversations

Unlike physical or printed event assets such as pull up banners or leaflets, digital screens can literally tell your story for you. Unlike printed event materials, digital screens can also be more provocative. 

By their very nature, printed assets tend to be a little safer. Printed materials require greater time and resource, and you’ll probably want to use them more than once. Video content on the other hand can be updated easily and tailored to your audience, meaning that there is more opportunity to experiment and test different messages. With video, you can therefore afford to be a little more playful, fun and even controversial with the way you choose to display your brand and your messaging. 

Also, as polished as your presentation skills are, or can be, with video you have absolute control over what you decide to show to your audience - meaning that if you forget to mention something critical to your audience, you have a second chance to get that message across with your digital screens.

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3. Get your attendees to buy in 

Visual reminders of your brand and your message both consciously and subconsciously work to impact upon and persuade your audience. Whether it is at the event or further down the line, by utilizing digital signage software  your message is more likely to resonate with your desired audience, and subsequently persuade them to buy into it. 

Not only this, but due to the virtually unlimited number of possibilities with ad screens, it is possible to literally ask the attendees to buy in with clear, clever or witty call to actions. 

How digital signage help increase your chances of buy in

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A digital interactive display is a fantastic way to grab attendee's attention at your event. Screens not only help to bring a bit of life to your event presentation, grabbing the attention of your audience with strong and targeted messaging, they also work on your behalf to communicate your message. 

Having digital screens is almost like having another colleague or friend to help you present your message. Available at all times, without needing to take a break, your digital screen can take some weight off when it comes to really selling your message at your event. And as it is so important that you make the right impression, having a digital screen that can communicate much of your message for you can be a real comfort. 

Easy to update, with digital screens you have the opportunity to program virtually any software, message, visual that you like. Wow your audience with beautiful visuals, or make them laugh with tailored messages, whatever it is the adaptability of digital screens and the opportunities that come with them are endless. 

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