Multimedia advertising, presented on large displays, is a modern marketing tool to attract attention and customer interest.

It is enough to connect the appropriate player to the screen to connect to it via the Internet and remotely display previously prepared content. Easy to use administration panel, it allows you to compose your own interface from many different elements (graphics, text, web applications or video files). Creating your own message takes only a few minutes.

The application allows from the level of the browser to define the way of advertising, create a schedule and control the course of an advertising campaign.

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This simple tool can be used for effective and effective forms of promotion and information transfer. They can be adapted to any platform
and the operating system   (Windows, Android and others). Depending on the needs, screens can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical position, moreover, they are adapted to work in a continuous mode, around the clock.

Touch screens have a wide range of applications, they can be used to display content such as in a hotel, restaurant, shop or medical facility (interactive reservation systems, interactive menus, interactive maps of shopping centers, etc.).


LED screens are mainly used to display advertisements, messages and various types of mass events. They are distinguished by high resolution, necessary for clear display of graphic elements, numbers, data and other information - thanks to this the recipient can freely read the presented content.

They are characterized by high resistance to changing weather conditions, they also have the function of adjusting the brightness level to the environment, guaranteeing the visibility of the content even in bright sunlight.

They are an attractive alternative to static advertising - they give you unlimited possibilities of presenting a dynamic image enriched with various graphic elements.

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Videowall is a technology that allows you to combine multiple LCD monitors
in large-surface walls. This effect can be obtained by seamless connection between the screens. The view of a large format surface consisting of several monitors always evokes a positive impression.

This non-standard multimedia solution will surely attract customers' attention and enable attractive presentation of marketing content.

Depending on the client's needs, it is also possible to display on every
from individual content monitors.


Space Player is a combination of a reflector and a projector that allows you to illuminate objects in an effective and creative way. Equipment possibilities allow
for simultaneous display of video images and animations on products
and around them.

It is a solution that effectively attracts the attention of the recipients, makes an impression and distinguishes the brand in a bold and innovative way.

They can be used in many ways: during mass events,
in the restaurant for the original presentation of the menu, or in the retail industry - changing the traditional storefront into an attractive interactive space
it will certainly attract the attention of the most demanding consumer.

Space Player


A solution dedicated to restaurants, cafes and all gastronomic premises, aimed at streamlining the message regarding the current menu. It positively affects the image of a given place and creates it more attractive than the others.

With its help you can quickly and easily change the presented menu (adjust to the time of day, season, etc.) or display information about current promotions.

Menu board is a tool willingly used by restaurateurs due to the attractive way of information transfer and reliability in operation - its purchase is an excellent investment for a very long time.


Wayfinder type devices are becoming standard in modern shopping malls, market halls or airports. They allow customers
in an easy and quick way to find the right store, service point,
or the indication of the best route to the place sought.

In addition, they give you the opportunity to view the characteristic points located in a given place (elevators, customer service points, toilets, ATMs).
One of the solutions is also publishing information about promotions
and new products in stores.

Additional system functions include the parking locator, information
about the restaurant zone, or the weather forecast option. Foreigners will benefit from the possibility of choosing different language versions.

digital display


This solution allows you to install a touch screen in a store and display the store's website on it - with the option of online shopping.

As a result, the customer has access to a wider range - he learns the full range of the brand and has the option of a greater choice of products. It definitely increases the comfort and convenience of shopping.

The combination of these two sales channels in one place certainly affects the sales results and increase revenues.

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