Menu board - a proven way to increase profits in gastronomy

Digital menu boards are advertising screens placed next to each other used to present the current menu. They can also be a free-standing touch screen by means of which the customer can order selected products by himself. To manage them you need Digital Signage software which allows you to view and display the content at any time.

It is a solution that meets with high recognition of customers due to its attractive and above all readable form. Initially menu boards were available mainly in fast-food premises. Along with the changing trends and the restaurant owners' perception of the benefits of this application, they have also begun to appear in restaurants with a higher standard.


The advantage of the digital menu over the standard

Saving time - you completely eliminate the need to print cards or posters from the menu. You can change the content at any time and adjust it to the time of day - for example, when
in your restaurant you offer breakfasts, lunches and dinners. In addition if you have more than one restaurant you can update the list of dishes at the same time in all - you have full control over the displayed content.

The message is adapted to the recipient - if you have a special menu for vegetarians or children in your offer you can inform your guests about it by publishing information on the screens. Thanks to this you will speed up their decision - you eliminate the time they have to spend to receive information from the waiter or find it in the menu tab.

Presentation of current promotions - every day you can present other promotions that will attract customers to your restaurant. Displaying a spectacular message on a large, visible to all screen will certainly increase sales.


Attractive presentation of dishes - no description will encourage you to buy as an appetizing photo of the dish will do. The recipient processes image differently than text, multimedia content much more affects the senses.

Aesthetics - through everyday use paper cards are subject to wear quite quickly losing their attractiveness. The digital menu board will serve you for a long time, guaranteeing legibility
i dobrą jakość przekazu.

Strong image - the use of a professional screen has a positive effect on the reception of a given place. It creates its unique character, emphasizes prestige and testifies
about modernity.



Menu board has become an indispensable element of every gastronomic establishment, which aims to create a modern and friendly place for its guests. It has a number of advantages, which is why its application was decided by restaurant chains known around the world.

First of all it is an attractive element of the interior design, attracts attention, and its impact influences the purchasing decisions of customers. It is worth noting that it is a very profitable investment due to the total elimination of costs related to updating, printing and substitution of materials. Buying menu boards is a proven investment for a very long time.


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