How to effectively use the Digital Signage system in the Retail industry

Research confirms that 70 percent of customers pay attention to multimedia ads and 20 percent shoppers under their influence. There is no doubt that Digital Signage is a new quality of communication with the client and one of the most effective marketing tools.

Digital solutions are a technology that not only large companies can afford. It is used both by shopping centers and individual retail outlets. It does not matter whether it is a chain of stores or just one location - anyone who cares for a modern and dynamic message can benefit from Digital Signage.

Software selection

To start an advertising campaign using Digital Signage of course the choice of the screen is an important element, because it is the one that has to attract the attention of the recipients, displaying them engaging content. However, an even more important factor is the choice of software that will enable the presentation of this content and ensure trouble-free operation of the entire system.

Comfortable use and guarantee of data security will be ensured by our proprietary ADScreen system which has been used in many companies for over a decade. The software is very intuitive to use does not require additional installation and is equipped with many additional applications. In addition to standard advertising screens, ADScreen also supports touch screens, RFiD / NFC readers and allows you to add widgets such as RSS bar, weather forecast or currency rate.

An important aspect is also that the system provides continuous operation without problems and is able to provide content in response to changes in real time. What does this mean in practice? If we use the Digital Signage system in several locations and we want the message we create to be adequate, eg to the time of day or current promotions, ADScreen will allow us to change the displayed information smoothly. It is enough to select in the system which material is to be displayed so that it appears on the screen after a while. It is worth noting that in a situation where we have several displays, each of them may display different content - it depends only on our needs.

An additional benefit of using the ADScreen system is constant access to view statistics. Users receive information about what content and in what quantities have been displayed on the screens. All interactions are also counted if the content is published on the basis of an event.


Choosing the right screen

Umieszczenie zwykłego telewizora w witrynie sklepowej i wyświetlanie powtarzających się treści nie wystarczy. Dlatego też, wybór odpowiedniego ekranu jest równie ważnym elementem jak oprogramowanie. Ekrany LED i LCD, ekrany dotykowe, ściany multimedialne (video wall), infokioski. Mogą posiadać różne rozmiary, zabudowy, być dostosowane do przestrzeni, w której zostaną umieszczone.

They differ from ordinary televisions in that they are equipped with matrices of high brightness and contrast, which allows for perfect readability regardless of distance and lighting conditions. In addition, they are adapted to work in a continuous mode and do not require a subscription fee. The customer has the possibility to adjust the appropriate medium, depending on the needs and vision of the project.

Of course the basic purpose of the display is to be visible from the distance and attract interested people.


getting customer attention

it starts already before entering the store. An attractive and multimedia advertisement displayed on the screens encourages visitors to visit the interior. On the other hand advertising monitors properly arranged in the store space, inform about the current offer and encourage you to make a purchase. It is worth rethinking the spacing of screens in the store space. For sure the obligatory place is the zone at the ticket office - there is no doubt that customers waiting in the queue will be watching the ads displayed in front of them.

These are just some of the many possibilities offered by the use of advertising screens in the Retail industry. Competition requires retailers to get newer and more original ideas regarding the presentation of products. The use of Digital Signage solutions allows to distinguish a brand in a spectacular way, to strengthen the image and thus increase the number of clients.

Recent research proves that static transmission in combination with Digital Signage has a small chance to gain consumer attention. Of course, it should be remembered that the mere use of a professional advertising screen is not enough, because what we communicate is of great importance.


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