Digital Signage - recipe for success!

Digital Signage is a system that allows you to broadcast multimedia messages in many places at the same time using a monitor, a player and a server. The main advantages of this system are primarily remote and centralized content management from any location.

The attractive form of the message (dynamic image, sound, several messages on one screen, the ability to interact with the recipient) and the ability to quickly change the displayed message made the Digital Signage system one of the most effective marketing tools.

Digital marketing

Screens can be placed anywhere in turn managing them centrally from one place. Thanks to the possibility of adapting the message to the place, time, situation and specific recipient, the Digital Signage system is used among others as a medium of information transfer (weather and currency services), as well as a marketing tool. It can also act as a signpost or information board presenting a sales offer - Pentor's research shows that it is then that most of the choices fall and the screens set in the right place increase sales by an average of 40%. This means that in the sale of additional services, DS systems are more effective than any other form of advertising.


Recipe for success

According to experts, the recipe for success with the Digital Signage system has been unchangeable for years: the idea and the surprising content are the most important. But effective marketing also requires the right presentation method. Until recently, creating your own system was a complicated undertaking. In addition to screens, you had to invest in the entire infrastructure: cables, modems and servers. Most of the solutions currently available on the market are so-called combined systems. This means that companies that design and implement them use ready-made solutions. As a result, someone else provides equipment (screens, servers or players), hosting and content management software. While such a system is small it can pay off.

But imagine a network built from more than a hundred screens in which at each time of the day everyone displays a different message. Managing it required constant support from the graphic designer, programmer and most often a specialized marketing agency. However, solutions appear on the market gradually, which simplify the entire process to a minimum. This is the ADScreen system or the innovative software operating in the web cloud developed by Content Networks. This means that you can use it regardless of the place and time, without the need to create a complex infrastructure. All you need is a device and access to the Internet.


Functionality of the ADScreen system

Content management software is the foundation of any DS system. It's his functioning that depends on him. In the ADScreen system the friendly administration panel allows you to compose your own interface from many different elements. We have graphics, text, web applications, audio and video files. Creating your own message takes only a few minutes. The display of content is equally simple. We can set the time and the time of display in the same way as in the music playlist. The application allows from the level of the browser to define the way of advertising, create a schedule and control the course of an advertising campaign.

In the basic version (ADScreen Basic) designed for small businesses, it allows you to manage advertising and information on displays connected in a single network. A fully functional solution (ADScreen Enterprise) enables the creation and operation of complex networks with up to several hundred interactive screens. In both cases, any device with a display can be used to display content: a LCD monitor, a projector or a tablet with the Android, IOS or Windows Phone operating system. All you need to do is connect a suitable player to them to connect to it via the Internet and remotely view previously prepared content. - When designing this system, we tried to simplify the whole process of content creation and management - explains Dawid Gąsiorek, president of Content Networks. - As a result, managing the network of several dozen displays has become easier than using a facebook account.


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