How to solve the problem of booking conference rooms in the company

The organization of the conference space, despite appearances, is quite a challenge. Even in an office where there are only a few rooms, there are often situations when internal communication in the company fails, and employees have trouble consulting the reservation.

They are losing time to find a free room or to interrupt other held meetings to check availability, which distracts the attention and interrupts the ongoing discussions of the participants. Such situations disorganize work and introduce unnecessary confusion.


How to solve it 

We offer a solution that will streamline the room booking process in each company and maximally optimize the use of office space.
ADPlanner is a reservation system for conference rooms used in dynamically developing companies. It gives the user immeasurable benefits, and its application significantly increases the prestige of a given place. It is an ideal solution not only for conference centers, but also for hotels and any business where business meetings take place.

The main element of the system is a touch screen in an elegant housing - tailored to the customer's needs - which is placed next to each conference room. The screen contains information about current and planned events. Booking rooms can be made from a company computer from the calendar level, from any mobile device or on touch screens located at the entrance to the room. With ADPlanner you can also book the necessary equipment (overhead projector, flipchart, catering, etc.).

It is also important that the tool is equipped with a template wizard that allows you to create any pattern (font, background, etc.) that will eventually be displayed on the screen - besides the title of the meeting, we can add its entire agenda broken down by individual hours.


Simple and intuitive operation

The great advantage of using this innovative solution is the ability to make a reservation in a simple and convenient way - there is no need to install new software. Users manage their time more efficiently which provides them with a sense of comfort. The screens placed at the halls improve the visibility of information and guarantee that always up-to-date messages are displayed.

ADPlanner is the answer to all problems related to the booking process. It is a great convenience for users - thanks to the information displayed on the screen they know what the meeting is currently, when it will end and can easily add a new event directly on the screen. The use of the system completely eliminates the situations associated with the loss of time associated with finding a free room and annoying interruption of meetings.


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