The use of advertising screens is an irreplaceable way to create an elegant and engaging presentation of products. Our solution is ideal for the salons of the exclusive TOUS brand, a Spanish manufacturer of luxury jewelry and accessories.

As part of the project, the ADScreen system is used to display marketing and sales content on multimedia screens. Dynamic advertising serves as sales support, blends in with the surroundings and underlines the prestige of the salon. The system allows you to instantly change the displayed content, thanks to which the message is always up-to-date and adapted to the latest collection. Cooperation with the TOUS brand includes over 50 locations in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

As part of the cooperation we provide:

remote management of the in-laws

with the ability to synchronize playback content on all screens at once.

full control over the operation of devices

24 hours per day

comprehensive service care

qualified technical staff

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