Digital Signage a modern way of communicating with the client

The use of advertising screens is an irreplaceable way for an elegant and engaging presentation of products. Our solution is ideal for, among others in the salons of the exclusive TOUS brand, a Spanish manufacturer of luxury jewelry and accessories. As part of the project, ADScreen Digital Signage system is used to display marketing and sales content on multimedia screens, in almost 60 locations in Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania.

Dynamic advertising serves as irreplaceable sales support. The system allows you to instantly change the content displayed, thanks to which the message is always up-to-date and adapted to the latest collection. This is a huge advantage of Digital Signage solutions. When implementing a new product line or planning a promotional campaign, it is enough to introduce new materials to the system to inform its clients about the current offer. In this way, we save time, reduce costs and increase the chance for effective sales.

In addition, the use of DS ensures consistency in communication. Imagine a situation that we sell a luxury, high-quality product and promote it on a traditional paper leaflet. In this case, this kind of advertising can be badly picked up by the customer who expects a modern approach. Therefore, the use of an innovative solution strengthens the credibility of the message and emphasizes the value of the offered product.


Why is it worth reaching for Digital Signage solutions

The times when the attractiveness of a given retail store was decided by a wide assortment. Of course, the level of store equipment is still important, but the modern client requires something more. Today, the most important thing is the arrangement of store space, items of equipment that pay attention and firstly encourage you to visit the store, and secondly to make a purchase.

The multimedia space has a positive effect on the recipient, what's more the mobile message is much better remembered. The presentation of the product in a dynamic advertising spot and displayed on a large screen guarantees that the customer's attention will be kept for much longer.

It has already become a standard that a large installation of Digital Signage is synonymous with the prestige of a given place and brand. The companies are constantly increasing the digital advertising space, so that the message directed to the consumer will not go unnoticed and due to the fact that individual advertising screens are no longer enough for them. Achieving the effect of a large-format space allows you to create a video wall, by seamlessly combining multiple screens into one whole. This advanced solution emphasizes the uniqueness of the place, and also makes an unforgettable impression on the recipients.

However, it should be remembered that technology alone is not enough to achieve success. First of all, content is important, ensuring that the message is valuable, engaging and high quality. Therefore, before we make a decision about using the Digital Signage system, we have to think carefully about the plan of the marketing campaign.


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