3 thousand screens in 50 stores. In the EURO RTV network, AGD ADScreen manages one of the largest Digital Signage systems in Poland.

RTV Euro AGD is one of the largest retail chains in Poland. It already has over 220 RTV Euro AGD stores in 132 cities and several thousand screens connected in the Digital Signage system. - Managing such a large network is a real challenge - explains Dawid Gąsiorek, president of Content Networks. - Until recently, it required constant support from the graphic designer, programmer and most often specializing in this marketing agency. Today, with the help of our software at the RTV Euro AGD headquarters, one person supports over EUR 3,000 from his computer. network screens in 50 stores throughout Poland.

Promotion in the cloud

Called the digital exit from the home digital signage (DS) is a system in which the monitor, player and server can simultaneously broadcast multimedia messages on multiple displays. ADScreen works in the internet cloud. This means that you can use it regardless of the place and time, without the need to create a complex infrastructure. A friendly administration panel allows you to compose your own interface with ready-made templates. We have many options: graphics, text, web applications, audio and video files. It takes just a few minutes to create the entire interface. The display of content is equally simple. The time and the display time can be set just like in a music playlist. The application allows from the level of the browser to define the way of advertising, create a schedule and control the course of an advertising campaign. When designing the entire system, we tried to simplify it to create a tool that everyone can use, explains Dawid Gąsiorek, president of Content Networks. - Thanks to that, managing the network of RTV EURO AGD network management with 3 thousand. displays has become easier than using facebook account.

How it's working?

In such a large DS system usability is crucial. In each of the 50 EURO salons operated by ADScreen, the multimedia network consists of dozens of screens, on which content is displayed all the time. In addition, the whole is divided into two zones. The most interesting is the shop section, on which the displayed content presents the capabilities of televisions. The second is the so-called in which the screens connected to the video wall display information about current promotions and products. In both cases, quick and easy content creation saves time and resources that would have to be spent on hiring a specialized agency. In such a frequently changing offer and the need to dynamically manage promotions, the ability to create content on its own is as important as the way it is presented. - In the retail industry, it is still popular to play marketing content from a pendrive, but in this case the smallest change of content ever becomes a big problem - explains Gąsiorek. - Our system uses small players instead. Thanks to them, we can connect to any screen via the Internet. All you need is a laptop or tablet and access to the Internet so that one person from marketing can manually manage all screens in Poland at the RTV EURO AGD headquarters.


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