The Medical Clinic in Modlin shows how to use the potential of Digital Signage.

Opieka medyczna to bardzo ważna dziedzina, która niestety pod względem wykorzystania rozwiązań Digital Signage pozostaje daleko w tyle. Technologia cyfrowa z pewnością w dużym stopniu zwiększyłaby efektywność służby zdrowia, a jej zastosowanie mogłoby przynieść pozytywne skutki zarówno dla pracowników, jak i dla pacjentów.

Managing the waiting area and facilitating the movement of the patient between the offices and wards is a big challenge in the health sector. In most Polish medical facilities there is still an archaic queuing system, a visit to the doctor is inseparably connected with waiting, and it is a waste of time. It does not have to be like that!


Comfortable waiting conditions are a standard that every medical facility should strive for. The help of IT systems in effective management of the waiting area is a huge convenience. This was confirmed by the Garrison Medical Clinic SPZOZ in Modlin, for which Content Networks has implemented a professional tool for booking rooms - ADPlanner. 11 screens with a diagonal of 15.6 inches were installed in front of the doctors' offices. The doctor on duty using the mobile application supports content informing about whether the clinic is open, at what times and who is currently receiving patients. An additional advantage of this solution is the ability to combine screens with the queuing system. Thanks to this the screen will also show the number of the patient being read. In contrast to the traditional queuing system, which is based on calling patients by name, we have personal data protection here - explains Dawid Gąsiorek, president of Content Networks. - Thanks to this, the patient maintains discretion, does not have to watch the queue and can count on dynamic communication.

Multimedia waiting room

The next step in the digitization of the Modalne clinic, improving the functioning of the waiting space and improving the quality of patient service is the use of the Digital Signage system to display information messages on 7 multimedia screens. Thanks to the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, it does not require installation, technical expertise or building a complicated hardware infrastructure. - You do not need to invest in cables, modems and servers. The software that we used in Modlin is also innovative. This is our proprietary web application, thanks to which the entire content management process in the clinic takes place in the cloud - explains Dawid Gąsiorek, president of Content Networks. In the clinic in Seven large format screens, they display information about the operation of the clinic, patient's rights, NFZ messages, etc. - Thanks to this, the waiting zone becomes a place where we can provide the patient with a lot of useful information - says Gąsiorek. - And waiting stops being a waste of time.

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